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Chained Door

The Future of Machine Movement is Yours


These are the pieces.
Actuator sleeve (L & R)

Pressure sleeve (L)

Friction Management (L bottom)

Crystal Salt

New Type of Soft Suspension Component- Powered by Pressured Air, Water, Oil or Any Other Kind of Fluid.

Snow Land
chain armor robot muscle.jpg

It should be your new method of connecting components whose design requires adjustable tension and passive variable location. From the heights of the SLC Rocky Mountains.

Shown without 'friction management layer(s)' for visual clarity of mechanism .

Imitates Nature's Muscles, Designed for Easy Use - In Any Job From Soft-Gates on Industry Machines to Humane Rehabilitation and Prosthetics

Queen Services

We are a manufacturing and robotics company that uses access to IP which allows us to design and create awesome robots. Our services include robot and component design, development and manufacturing. Click on the button to learn more about our services.

Queen Projects

We are weaving together traditional ancient protection with 21st Century equipment. This involves everything from forges to programming. Learn how we are developing the threads of the past with the speed of the present to achieve the goals of tomorrow.

Queen's Vision

We want to help everyone in the world, one chain link at a time. Click to learn about our amputee as well as rehabilitation initiatives.

About Us

In 2022 our founder, Alexander, combined the concepts of ancient chain armor and modern McKibben artificial muscles to create a novel motor for machine and human-hybrid application. After over a year of experimentation and exploration of the new art and of the underlying art of blacksmithing, he is ready to team up with experts from design and automation fields to create a company which provides robots and parts for a reliable tomorrow we can envision today.

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